2022 Voter Ads

OC Action Ads: 2022 | 2020

OC Action ran the below paid digital ads to young voters of color, Vietnamese voters and Latinx voters in Orange County during 11/4-11/8/2022.

Video Ads

These video ads were created following standard Race/Class narrative messaging guidelines. The ads ended up not running on Facebook, as we missed the deadline for a few hours. The ads were run on a small scale on Snapchat on the last day.

A quick modified widescreen version of the video ran on YouTube.

Set of 4 variations of video ads. [Download Link]

[Download Link]

Display Ads

The following English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese ads ran as Google Display & YouTube Overlay Ads.

  • YouTube Overlay Ad: 728×90
  • Google Display Inline Rectangle Ad 300×250
  • Google Display Leaderboard Ad 728×90

When clicking on the ad, voters were taken to this landing page: English, Spanish, Korean.