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OC Action was founded in 2017 to build an AAPI-Latinx-Labor-Environmental Justice Alliance and to develop progressive political power. This has been the result of decades of community organizing and integrated voter engagement in the region. Underrepresented communities across Orange County have undergone significant shifts in local empowerment in recent years.

OC Action is committed to a long-term progressive transformation of the electorate and will continue to move towards the change that our people deserve.

  • Automatic Voter Registration Would Help Young People to Vote
    Why don’t more young Americans vote? People (usually older people) will often say it’s because we’re apathetic or we just don’t care, but that’s not true. – Teen Vogue
  • Job: Finance & Administration Director
    The Finance & Administration Director will lead and manage OC Action’s financial and administrative functions, including payroll, assistance with developing and tracking the annual organization budget and program budgets, and overseeing the administration of OC Action’s programs.
  • House Fight for Asian Americans Gets Messy
    The hotly contested race between Chen and Steel is unfolding in one of America’s most diverse congressional battlegrounds, a suburban seat where Democrats have a slight advantage on paper and where a plurality of voters, as well as both candidates, are Asian American. – Time
  • California allows affordable housing on some commercial properties
    In a historic deal between affordable housing groups and labor unions, Gov. Gavin Newsom will sign two major bills on Wednesday to convert underutilized and vacant commercial buildings into housing. – LA Times
  • Do Disneyland, Irvine Co., pay enough property taxes?
    Disney and the Irvine Company are vastly under-assessed, just on land alone. – OC Register
  • OC Politicians Use Public Resources to Campaign
    Orange County supervisors are bringing out into the open a debate that’s long hung over them: Do they use taxpayer dollars to campaign They’ve acknowledged they do.

OC Action educates voters on key issues that impact the community to bring progressive change in Orange County. OC Action is tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(4).