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OCCET Action was founded in 2017 to build an AAPI-Latinx-Labor-Environmental Justice Alliance and to develop progressive political power. This has been the result of decades of community organizing and integrated voter engagement in the region. Underrepresented communities across Orange County have undergone significant shifts in local empowerment in recent years.

OCCET Action is committed to a long-term progressive transformation of the electorate and will continue to move towards the change that our people deserve.

Vote Yes on Prop 15
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  • We will not stand by while our community is lied to
    For decades, a handful of the oldest and largest corporations in California have exploited a loophole in our commercial property tax system to dodge paying their fair share. – Latina and East San José Leaders for Prop 15
  • Time to reinvest in our future
    Prop. 15 will close a tax loophole, which will reclaim $12 billion a year for schools and communities so that we can reinvest in our future.. – Irwin Jacobs, Special to CalMatters
  • Workers target McDonald’s in rally for Prop 15
    They claim McDonald’s has avoided paying nearly $30 million a year in property taxes. – OC Register
  • Racial Justice Leaders United Against Corporate Attacks
    Prominent community leaders in California are coming together to demand that corporate interests looking to avoid paying their fair share stop sowing division in Black communities and communities of color.
  • No on Prop 15’s claims on Solar Projects is False
    Would Prop 15 really impose “massive property tax increases” on solar projects and drive up electricity costs? Tax and solar industry experts don’t think so. – PolitFact
  • The Impact of Prop 15 on Small Businesses
    For average commercial properties, reassessments do not increase rents. Reassessing a 20-year-old office building to current market value could lead to a one-time rent increase of roughly 2%. – Beacon Economics
  • CA NAACP aids corporate prop campaigns
    Alice Huffman, who is both a professional campaign consultant and long-time NAACP leader, was especially sought after this year as political campaigns respond to the national reckoning over race. – CalMatters
  • LA Times: Yes on Prop 15
    By creating a “split-roll” system that taxes commercial and industrial property differently from homes, it would transfer as much as $11.5 billion annually from businesses to local governments and schools.
  • PPIC Poll: California
    51% of likely voters would vote yes on Prop 15 and 40% would vote no.

OCCET Action educates voters on key issues that impact the community to bring progressive change in Orange County. OCCET Action is fiscally sponsored by Tides Advocacy, tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(4), and is a sister organization of the Orange County Civic Engagement Table, a 501(c)(3) organization.