Updated 10/4/2022

Field Leads Link: Live Monitor  (see Tracker spreadsheet for your logins)

  1. Install Clicker
  2. Do first time clicker setup/login (don’t do this right before phonebank starts – do it before so that we can troubleshoot anything as needed)

Clicker Program

Use this: Adobe Air | MySQL Clicker (2021-08)

If your team is smaller than 8 people: Java JRE | RPM Clicker (2020-09). For screenshots of RPM Clicker, click here)

Install Adobe Air first, then the MySQL clicker program. The clicker runs on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11. (But not on Macs. It does run when run over a Virtual Machine.)


Install and open the clicker program. The first time, click the bottom left “Settings” – it will open a Settings tab. Copy & paste clicker server information. Paste the same thing three times on Pepper API, Web Server, and MySQL Server. API port is 9100.

Click Test Connection, and test.

Click the Blue Arrow to the left of “Settings” to close the Settings tab.

Enter the ID and password (usually the password is the same word as the ID), login, and set on Ready.

When phonebanking starts, click “Connect” and keep key pressed on the Enter key.


Pepper API:
API Port: 9100
Web Server:
MySQL Server:


  • Do you have internet access?
  • Is the campaign/list turned on?
  • Is the enter button pressed down?
  • Are the phoners logged in AND “Ready”?
  • Is the phoner stuck? Double check both circles at the bottom left of the phoner’s screen are green. If both are green, go from Ready to Not Ready and then back to Ready. If one of the indicators is red, have the phoner LOGOUT, close the browser and log back in.
  • When in doubt, on the clicker, go from Ready to Not Ready, and then back to Ready. If that doesn’t work, click on Disconnect, and then Connect and go back to Ready. If that still doesn’t work, LOG OUT of the clicker and log back in.

Screenshots of RPM Clicker

Use the same server information as the MySQL clicker. Leave Socket Timeout and Interval times unchanged.