Let’s vote in 2022

Are you ready to vote today?

Get the information you need to vote at the November 2022 General Elections.

This information was prepared by OC Action in Orange County.

How to Vote

You can choose to vote from home by mail, or in person at a Vote Center.

  • October 10: all voters start receiving their ballots by mail, and can Vote by Mail at any time through Election Day.
  • Saturday, Oct 29: some Vote Centers start opening on this day and remain open every day until Election Day. Vote at any Vote Center in your county!
  • Saturday, November 5: the remaining Vote Centers start opening on this day.
  • Election Day is November 8. This is the last day you can mail your ballot (must be postmarked) or vote in person.

Vote Centers

You can vote at any of the Vote Centers in Orange County! Some open early on Saturday, October 29, and then all Vote Centers are open starting Saturday, November 5.

  • 10/29-11/4 Vote Center Hours:
    8am to 5pm (including Saturday and Sunday)
  • 11/5-11/7 Vote Center Hours:
    8am to 8pm (including Saturday and Sunday)
  • Election Day, Tuesday November 8 Hours:
    7am to 8pm

Vote Centers are your one-stop space to handle everything elections related:

  • Vote In Person (You do not need to turn in your mail ballot when voting in person)
  • Drop off Your Mail Ballot
  • Same-Day Voter Registration (if not yet registered)
  • Get help from election workers, and get help in your language

Not living in Orange County? Find your Vote Center at the California Secretary of State website!

  • You can submit your completed  ballot at any Vote Center in California
  • Even if you received your ballot by mail, you can vote in person
  • You DO NOT need to bring in your mail in ballot to vote in person
  • You can register to vote & cast your ballot at Vote Centers

Vote by Mail

Every voter will be mailed a ballot in the second week of October. (10/10). You can mark your choices in the ballot, sign, and send without a stamp!

Drop it in any of the Ballot Drop boxes placed around the county, or mail it (without a stamp), or after October 24, drop it off at a Vote Center.

If you are marked as an inactive voter, you may not have received the ballot in the mail. Check online whether you are marked as inactive – if you are, use the same form to request a ballot be mailed to you.

Your mail ballot is valid as long as it’s postmarked by November 8. Even if you mail back your ballot on November 8, and it arrives a week or two late, it still counts as a valid vote!

Dropbox locations will become available in October

How to Mark Your ballot
  • Use black or blue pen
  • Completely fill the circle
  • There are “write-in” sections where you can write names of candidates who did not file on time.
  • To change your choice after filling the circle, cross the circle with an X, and then fill the one you want to choose. There is no need to sign or initial your name next to the X.
My dog ate my ballot!

You can still vote! Either use the county registrar form to request a new ballot to be mailed to you, or vote in person at any Vote Center!

¡Perro malo! ¡Muy malo!
Bad! Bad dog!
Can someone else drop off my ballot for me?

Anyone can drop off your ballot envelope. They just can’t be someone who is paid for delivering ballots. When they deliver your ballot to a Vote Center, you need to fill out and sign some additional sections at the top of the return envelope with the information of the person who is dropping off the ballot.

First time voting?

If you voted before, then you are registered. (You don’t have to register each time.)

If this is your first time, register online! (Also if you moved, you must register again.)

Same Day Registration
If you haven’t registered by the time Vote Centers open, you have to go to a Vote Center in person – there, you will be able to register and also cast a vote at the same time.

Need help?

The Orange County Registrar’s website has tools to help you check whether you are registered, getting a new ballot, or update your information.

You have the right to vote! If you feel vote center personnel are wrongfully preventing you from voting, call the Election Voter Protection Hotline at (866) 687-8683.